What is the best all around hunting dog?

Question by Dallas: What is the best all around hunting dog?
I’m looking into getting a hunting dog to train myself . I want to use it for retrieving dove and ducks , tracking deer/hogs , and maybe retrieving/tracking rabbits and retrieving/treeing squirrels . I know this is a lot for one dog to learn, but I want to know the easiest to train, medium/small sized dog is for all of these activities . Please let me know all suggestions .


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HuntSmith Intermediate Seminar – A Gun Dog Training Seminar with Ronnie Smith of HuntSmith Seminars

Hudson, CO (PRWEB) May 17, 2013

Dogs Unlimited hosted the HuntSmith Intermediate Seminar, a 4-day bird dog training extravaganza presented by Ronnie Smith which started on May 9 and concluded on May 12th, 2013. It started with a meet and greet at Dogs Unlimited’s hunting dog training grounds with Ronnie meeting all of the eager participants. During this time he spoke in-depth to each student about their progress with their dog following the basic Foundation Seminar training that’s a prerequisite for each participant to be enrolled in the Intermediate Seminar.

After careful evaluation and lots of note taking, Ronnie Smith gave a short synopsis of what was going to happen during the rest of the seminar and what to expect out of each participant and their dog.

Ronnie Smith says, “It’s important that each Intermediate Seminar participant has taken the HuntSmith Foundation Seminar. Our system is based on a series of building blocks and while a dog can enter our system at the Intermediate level their gun dog training will break down over time because they don’t have the necessary foundation to work with.”

During the seminar the participants and their hunting dogs learned the necessary tools to move on to the next level during in-field discussion and exhibition dog training by Ronnie and then did hands-on training with their own gun dogs guided by his skilled and watchful eye.

Alan O. Davison of Dogs Unlimited, who’s participated in both the HuntSmith Foundation and Intermediate Seminars says, “There’s no better way to learn than first by listening to Rick Smith or Ronnie Smith impart their incredible depth of bird dog training knowledge and then watching them demonstrate that wisdom on one of your dogs with the expertise of someone who’s been doing it all of their lives. And finally moving to the field and doing it yourself while being personally coached by them.”

As the seminar progressed, more skills and knowledge were passed from Ronnie Smith to the participant and then on to their dogs. The progress was immediate and it was evident by the exuberance of each participant that the summer and early fall was going to be filled with many training days in preparation for the upcoming upland bird hunting season and for many seasons to come.

Davison says, “I’m always dog tired at the end of these seminars but it’s definitely a good tired. Not only have we walked for what seems like miles and miles but the amount of dog training information the participants take in is incredible as well. Our brains are tired too!”

Continuing on, Davison says, “You couldn’t ask for a better seminar experience put on by a better presenter than Ronnie Smith. Dogs Unlimited is proud to be on the HuntSmith Seminar schedule and we look forward to many years of this great relationship.”

Dogs Unlimited LLC was started in 1971. Located in Hudson, Colorado, they sell hunting dog training supplies, and upland and waterfowl hunting gear throughout the world. They have hosted the HuntSmith Foundation and Intermediate Seminars since 2007.

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Hunting Dog Training Techniques

When you think of a hunting scene, what do you imagine? Perhaps you see a man in camouflage clothes, toting a rifle. Perhaps you see a proper British man in red jacket and knee high black boots on horseback. And probably, no matter how you picture the people, there’s a hunting dog nearby.

Dogs have been great companions to hunters for hundreds of years. They provide friendship, of course, but can also help a hunter be more effective in the field by tracking, flushing, pointing, and retrieving game.

When you’re training a dog to hunt with you, it’s important to make sure your dog is trained properly and knows exactly what’s expected of him in the field.

One tip that’s repeated over and over by trainers is to start your dog in training early. It’s much easier to train a puppy than a full grown dog. And by training early, you ensure more hunting time with a well trained dog.

The first piece of advice given to all dog trainers is to be patient. It takes dogs time to learn commands, and you shouldn’t expect too much too soon. After all, it takes humans time to learn new things, so why should you expect more from your dog?

Along with patience, you should make sure you introduce your dog to commands slowly. If you try to do too much at once, your dog will get overwhelmed, and you won’t get anywhere. This is frustrating to both you and your dog.

Consistency is another point that’s stressed to trainers. Once you decide what commands to use, whether they be verbal, hand gestures, or even whistles, make sure you stick to what’s set down. If you start training a dog to sit, for example, by saying “Sit,” and then suddenly make a whistling sound to command the dog to sit instead, your dog won’t know what you want, and you’ll set your training back.

Praising your dog for obedience and good behavior is a very good way to get results quicker.

Dogs respond well to positive reinforcement. If they know they’ll get positive attention, they’re more likely to repeat the behavior. Even if you think the good behavior is something “minor,” give your dog a friendly pat on the head and a “Good boy!” to let him know he’s doing a good job.

The proper training of your dog for the hunt is important. And while it may be a little overwhelming at first, patience, consistency, and praise can lead to a great hunting companion for any hunter.

Training a dog to hunt with you is a lot of fun. Make sure you have the proper Dog Supplies and the proper Dog Training Supplies. Visit premierdogsupplies.com for all you will need.

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