5 British Dog Breeds Facing Extinction

5 British Dog Breeds Facing Extinction

Music – If Ye Love Me by Thomas Tallis. ~Britain is facing a significant drop in native dog breed registrations, so much so that many breeds are facing extin…

The American Kennel Club debuts some brand new dog breeds that probably shouldn’t exist.
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14 thoughts on “5 British Dog Breeds Facing Extinction

  1. Ha. Yeah, I noticed that too. Reminded me of how he’d always take the wig off of Puppy Andy. XD

  2. the leash was on the dog instead of the cart/stroller what ever it was. right

  3. For a second I thought it was “Game of Thrones dog” from the video thumbnail…

  4. and he always takes off puppy Andy’s tie and hair when he’s near him.

  5. I love all the animal bits they do now. I never thought I’d say this, but Conan on TBS is just as good if not better than when he was on NBC. There’s certainly that same anarchic attitude.

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