AKC Recognized New Dog Breeds

The American Kennel Club expanded its list of breeds to include three new ones – the Entlebucher Mountain Dog, the Norwegian Lundehund and Xoloitzcuintli bre…

Massive dog breeds, pictures taken off the internet. No copyright intended song: apathy immortal.
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39 thoughts on “AKC Recognized New Dog Breeds

  1. the Dogue de Bordeaux looks like a dog version of a juggernaut lol!

  2. Good lord this song is irritating!! I can’t even tell if that’s a male/female or child/adult singing in the background.

  3. Horrible background “music”. Facts were off…..more research should have been done. Appreciate the effort…. don’t give up.

  4. You forgot boerboels. Way bigger than many of the mastiff breeds you mentioned.

  5. Besides the Peruvian there are 2 hairless breeds more, the Crested and the Xoloitzcuintle.

  6. @IMGalleta The oldest dog in the Americas is the Xoloitzcuintle, bred in Mexico 3000 to 3500 years ago – not by the Aztecs who only existed circa 500AD and whose empire only existed from the 1300s to1500s. The Peruvian hairless dog (Viringo) is much younger, only 1500 years old and was bred in South America probably from the Xolo. The Viringo is not strictly Peruvian – it can be found in other South American countries as well such as Bolivia, Arentina, and Chile. None are as old as the Xolo.

  7. Well if you didnt know in Peru we also have hot weather . That dog is found in alot of antique drawings and queros (Kind of Jar) if you search Peruvian Culture you will find it . 

  8. There´s a peruvian hairless dog (orchid) and mexican hairless (xolo).

  9. No, ignorant people are scum of the earth. So, how are ya doin with that?

  10. no people like you that dont mind muts are the scum of the earth and the reason why so many get killed in pounds

  11. i have a mut and he is the best dog i have ever had.. its not the dogs breed that sends him/her to the pound… its the owners not the dog..
    muts can me just as loving and awesome as pure dogs..

  12. Me too they are incredible my new puppy is 9 months old and she knows sit,down,stay,high five,stay,shake,sit pretty(beg), leave it, and come. She also knows how to walk, dance, and run on her back legs but it’s something she learned by herself. I even have a video about the breed. You can check it out on my channel. :)

  13. If they breed a rhodesian ridgeback and it doesn’t have a ridge they kill them. So you might want to re-think that.

  14. I’m not being paranoid I just wanted to state a fact about the AKC and it’s true.

  15. Not reputable breeders. If a breeder culls the ridgeless puppies then they do not qualify as a reputable breeder in my book. Ridgeless puppies are typically just sold as pets.

  16. Mutts are better, they live longer, they are healtherer, and they are easyr to find when lost.

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