AKC Toy Dog Breeds – AKC Toy Dogs – Toy Dogs

http://www.pedigreedpups.com Learn more about the various dog breeds of the AKC Toy Dog Group right here. Please visit our website to learn even more about a…
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A video on the top 10 rarest dog breeds. The audio is also used in another video of mine. For more information on dog breeds, visit the Dog Breed Information…
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34 thoughts on “AKC Toy Dog Breeds – AKC Toy Dogs – Toy Dogs

  1. someone should totaly breed a chihuahua and a dorman!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. teddy rat terriers are rare
    they were bred with like 5 other dogs.
    Teddy Rosivelt(dont know if i spelt that right) bred those dogs to make a teddy rat terrier :(

  3. Tamaskans aren’t here?

    Well, I don’t think they make the top 10, but theyre pretty rare. About 400 in the world?

  4. Haha, exactly! 😀

    Technically a mixture of Huskies, Malamutes, German Shepherds, Northern Inuits, and Utonagan.Maybe wolves in the background, but not recently.

    They wanted a wolfie looking dog with a good temperament, and good working abilities eventually. Definitely a better alternative for someone who wants a pet wolf, or a wolf dog.

    I want one sooo bad… >.< (Look it up, you won't be disappointed) :)

  5. Oh thanks for telling me ! Wow that dog’s soo pretty!!! I just searched for some pics ^^

  6. Isn’t the rarest dog breed the New Guinea Singing Dog? 150 left if I’m correct.

  7. and the damchi that only exists in the origin country that I no longer remember which one it was.

  8. I have a chinooks it live in cambodia and it 13 year old and their face are very cute. so i want to save this endargered species

  9. very nice. great overview. i’m thinking about a papillon maltese or pomeranian

  10. No it isn’t. Just because it doesn’t have fur doesn’t mean they’re ugly. So do you think every bald person is ugly?! 

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