Cesar Millan on Good vs. Bad Dog Breeds

http://www.WatchMojo.com speaks with internationally acclaimed Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan about good versus bad dogs, and learns it’s not the genes but the t…
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If you’d like to find out more about these largest dog breeds go to: http://heartmydog.com/largest-dog-breeds/ PHOTO CREDITS All images sourced from Wikimedi…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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42 thoughts on “Cesar Millan on Good vs. Bad Dog Breeds

  1. I was about to say,”Where’s the English mastiff!?” He was #1. which was surprisingly correct :)

  2. newfies are known to weigh 80 kgs easily, so i call bullshit on the stats

  3. look at my channel to see my 12 month old Neapolitan mastiff at 16 stone!

  4.  Im so happy saint bernards are actually on it! Thanks for this my life is now complete!!!!!!

  5. mastiffs are smaller than both great danes and saint bernards-which are the biggest, i have a mastiff and its smaller than my doberman

  6. LoL you don’t have a real mastiff then or you have some other mastiff breed and/or a giant doberman (fwiw, great danes are German Mastiffs, but in this video “Mastiff” refers to English Mastiffs).

  7. What about ’em? Boerboels are way bigger and also not included. They just lump the Kangals in with the Anatolian Shepherds most of the time anyways.

  8. LOL. The tallest dog in the world is Zeus, a Great Dane in the USA, he is 44 inch at the withers or 7ft 4inch stood on his hind legs and weighs 11st.
    The heaviest dog recorded, well there have been a few, a couple of Mastiffs weighing 20stone and another one bordering 25stone. But hey, anyone can feed a dog until it is deemed “morbidly obese”! A big tall solid dog would be a CAO dog, a good height and weight would be 32 inch and 13 stone, yeah you can feed to be heavier, but hey, greed is bad :)

  9. p.s. My Akita is 9 years old, 29 inch at the shoulder and weighs a comfortable 11stone, the vet says he is a well formed big boy, with great height and weight. p.s. anyone living in the Lincolnshire area welcome to meet him :) he is a lovely boy with a great tempermant and nature, as all dogs should be…….see pics on my profile.

  10. while you’re jumping on the KC bandwagon, do you think all the other organisations are wrong too? Why?

  11. yup you are correct! you have to suck the dog’s dick so that it will behave properly! Will you suck my dog’s dick when he misbehaves?

  12. nob rottweilers are normal dogs …..you obvioussley no NOTHING about dogs .iv owned 3 rottweilers …they are the most loving ,family pets u could wish for…cesar is 100 per cent rite .its how WE are with any breed of dog that determines how they behave.

  13. no dog behavourist/trainer could help every single dog in the world ….but i bet u cesar has helped more than anyone else .you are so small minded.

  14. why are you even interested in what cesar is doing ?you dont deserve to even be mentioned in the same space as him.

  15. Once again cesar is 100 per cent correct …i know iv owned 3 beautifull .friendly,loving rottweilers .my neighbour owns a jack russel and it attacks children ,postmen,cats and barks constantly.she dosnt watch cesar .i follow all his advice .my dogs dont even bark.

  16. well then you better read carefully before you end up starting shit with the wrong people!

  17. @glammum1 holy shit did u just reapond to every comment? and u tell me to get a life.

  18. what’s wrong abt walking yr dog EVERYDAY minimum. 45 minutes, provide him discipline, good food and afection ? … this is in my opinion the ONLY way to raise or deal with dogs awa children, as a matter of fact :)

  19. I love Cesar Millan! He has saved the dangerous pitbulls in one of his episodes to actually sitting with a family in the living room :)!

  20. What a load of rubbish. You may not agree as I do with everything Millan does but that doesn’t mean you have to hate everything he does and touches.

  21. if people hate on Millan they are crazy. he wouldnt be so famous and have his own show if his techniques didnt work. I try to use his techniques with my dogs and damn being the pack leader works for my dogs. Being calm assertive and having good energy when training or disciplining your dog is key having a trustworthy relationship. LIke millan says excercise, discipline and affetion

  22. I bet that those “organisations” are the first to ban APBT, Rotts, Dobermanns, American Staffs, Staffies, Akita Inu, and all the “dangerous” breeds…at the first sign of trouble they shout “kill” so, i’m sorry, i’m keeping Cesar’s methods, as they are working for my family, AmStaff included…

  23. That is ridiculous. As RCnineone said, those organizations would be the first to shout “death” to any of the bull breeds and here cesar is helping those breeds and educating people on how to work with not only those breeds, but with other breeds as well. The problem is, people spoil their animals and therefore, those animals are not animals anymore and think they are human are the pack leader of their humans. Not only that, he speaks out against puppy mills, which is a major issue today!

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