Different types of dog breeds

I just love dogs sooo much! So, I wanted to do a video about them 😀 And yes, when I’m older I wanna help and stop animal cruelty cause animals are awesome a…

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5 thoughts on “Different types of dog breeds

  1. Awwww cute!! I own a german shepard and yorkshire terrior, My sister owns a maltese shit tzu mix and a pug x]

  2. Aww! x] I used to have 2 dogs, but we had to give them away Dx Now I have a cat >.<

  3. Everyone likes to be a vet, except the fact that sometimes they can’t handle it if the animals can’t make it Dx But yeah, I’ve toke care of 3 dogs with my besties in real x] But, they had to go to the pound but they were healthy too x]

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