dog breed names cross-reference part 2 – B

dog breed names cross-reference part 2 - B this is my second video on dog breeds. I will make more. I did my best on the video. the next part is Part 3-C . hope you …
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4 thoughts on “dog breed names cross-reference part 2 – B

  1. This video series is created for dog breed cross reference purpose; it doesn’t include all dog breeds. There is a full list of cross reference in The Atlas of Dog Breeds of the World” (by Bonnie Wilcox and Chris Walkowicz); I didn’t find Boston Terrier (neither Boston Bull Terrier) on this list (letter B on page 9).

    I guess I should create videos with full list of all dog breeds. Thanks for the idea :)

  2. no prob :) Yeah the only reason I said it is cuz I own a Boston LOL theyre such a fun breed!

  3. Yea, and Border Collie is my favorite but it’s not in the list either :(

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