Dog Breeds 101: F1 Australian Labradoodle ~ Meet KC & Solly-Wally Doodle

F1 Australian Labradoodle ~ Meet KC & Solly-Wally Doodle. A true Labradoodle is non-shedding and calm. KC and Solomon Wally Doodle are pure bred “Labradoodle…
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Small dog breeds pose for the camera and look like little angels.

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35 thoughts on “Dog Breeds 101: F1 Australian Labradoodle ~ Meet KC & Solly-Wally Doodle

  1. next time can you put the names please?,I dont know all kinds of them

  2. I have 2 dogs that are mixed with small breeds- one is a yorkie and a regular poodle, the other is a chiuaua yorkie mx. I have a 3 puppy that will be meduim-sized- shes a shih tzu, cocker spaniel, regular poodle!!!

  3. i have a female Yorkie and a male teacup Chihuahua ! i think my Yorkie is pregnant from my chihuahua

  4. is there any toy ratterriors in here cause i have one shes soooo cute!

  5. The pictures on 0:11, 1:06, 1:09, 1:18, 1:31, 1:49, 2:04, 2:08, and 2:33 are super ugly! Other than that, the rest are adorable!!!

  6. I love all dogs Big or small healthy or Health issues I will Love any dog

  7. Not at all. It means we did not have any available at the time of this photo shoot, as well as lots of other breeds.

  8. I don’t see the difference. So they have to come from Australia? Would about top quality/temperament dogs and generations of breeding… You cannot get the same wonderful dog?

  9. They are a mutt. Come on. No one could even bother coming up with a name for them. It screams for BYB’s and mills to pick up the action.
    You can’t show a labramutt.
    They still shed. And the likelihood of getting dogs to be hypoallergenic is a freaking miracle. You can’t specifically breed the best parts of a dog. You get a confused goofy ass mutt.
    The whole thing is ridiculous. There are enough breeds similar to this, no need to create more fads.

  10. this girl is annoying there’s a difference between a mut and an American labradoodle

  11. Ok all you retards, that are calling labradoodles mutts (and all that crap) you should research this wonderful breed before you start making very unintelligible comments. I have a labradoodle and she is the best dog/friend/companion a human could have. The Labradoodles are Intelligent, gentle, loving, mellow, loyal, with a dash of comic personality, and combined with their allergy friendly, non-low shedding coats they are a extraordinary dog. So shut-up and go do some research!

  12. We have chosen our breeder and are preparing to adopt our Australian Labradoodle in a few months. We are SO excited! After doing a TON of research, we know this is the breed for us. :)

    For all of you negative people calling this breed Mongrels, do your research or continue to sit in your stubborn bubble and believe what you want! I am biting my tongue from stating MANY facts about other breeds who are AKC registered that can’t even compare to this breed. 😉

  13. i got a labradoodle too and shes so adorable, intelligent, and very cute.

  14. Yeah, let’s fill the world with more mutts… When you can find a wonderful mixed breed at the shelter! There’s tons of doodle mixes at shelters… Breeders breed these designer mutts because they only care about the money. Breeding should only be for legitimate and reputable purebreds. I have absolutely nothing against mixes breeds, but breeding mutts intentionally is just ludicrous to me… It’s a shame. I’m sure they are wonderful dogs, but even labradodles shed, it’s a lie… They till hav

  15. There is a difference between a “mutt” and a carefully planned out ‘new breed’ of dog. And that’s what Australia is going for with the Labradoodle. They have had several generations of Labradoodle dogs that are just more than a poodle and a lab; dogs like the water spaniel and others are put in to create the Labradoodle. Every purebred dog we have today started off as a “mutt”.

  16. Mutts have stronger genes and are totally awesome pets. You also get the perfect combination if you breed the dogs you want.

  17. Sorry but mutts are no more heather then purebreds. You could in up with the worst of both breeds.

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