Dog Breeds 101 Video: Golden Retriever

Dog Breeds 101 Video: Golden Retriever

To learn more about Golden Retriever and other dog breeds visit
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21 thoughts on “Dog Breeds 101 Video: Golden Retriever

  1. Really alot of people misunderstand these dogs. I think ive had most of these dog breeds pure bred since i was little everything accept Pitbull it was a cross with Staffordshire terrier oh yeah we did’nt have a pure bred American bully either though. My dad was a big fan of big dogs!


  3. I think it’s soo stupid that people today make a big deal over a dog breed it should not matter what kind of dog you have just as long you know how to take care of a dog I say Piss on the dog bread band! I may not own any of those dogs but I do own a siberian husky hound mix eventually Siberian Husky’s are too on the list of aggressive dogs trying to find a place to live in Las Vegas Nevada was a pain because of my dog being half Husky. But I didn’t give up I found one place that allowed all.

  4. people think that it is the dogs folt when the owner has raised it that way bad owner bad dog its not the dogs folt poor things!!! : (

  5. the boxer is so cute i have 2 and i don`t consider them misunderstood

  6. add akitas to like number 2nd most ppl don’t even know they exist and think there so vicious cause ppl make them fight have 1 there so sweet do a remake add 1

  7. I am so sorry for the pittbulls I HATE THE FRIGGING BITCHES WHO ARE MEAN TO THEM I FELL LIKE POUNDING THERE FACE do ppl even no how inhumane ppl are to these sweeties like I feel like throwing up the way the treat those dogs and guess what the Pitts are being punished for what the stupid idiots we call ppl do to them

  8. I fully support the ppl who are saying pittbulls are great I have seen what ppl do to pittbulls it is just sick I cry when I think about the sick bitches are to pittbulls plus there my favorite dog

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