Dog Breeds & Dog Training : How to Care for a Doberman Pinscher

To care for a Doberman pinscher, introduce socialization and obedience training early in life, offer plenty of mental and physical stimulation, and maintain …

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15 thoughts on “Dog Breeds & Dog Training : How to Care for a Doberman Pinscher

  1. This is bad information. Dog training is not breed specific. Dog training is temperment and drive specific.

    Get your dog training advice from someone with serious experience and credentials, I like Leerburg best so far.

  2. Wobblers Disease got my little girl :( I didn’t know that Dobermans could have that medical issue until my vet told me!

  3. Doberman Pinscher is the actual name, because the Dobermans heritage comes from some different terriers. :)

  4. Needs to get his facts straight and stop reading off the cards. Go get a done to learn about them. My girl taught me a lot when I got her

  5. dwi79 – In relation to Dobermans turning on their owner: Anyone and anything can turn on it’s owner that is NOT something specific to the breed… I’m sure someone some where has had a Doberman that turned on them, HOWEVER many reasons for that can be found. For instance, if you abuse a dog (Doberman) just like if you abuse a human eventually they will turn on you and defend themselves. It comes down to that fight or flight instinct that animals have.

  6. Excuse me, it sounds like you may be applying for our prestigious Darwin Award: Parenting.

    We are very pleased to receive your application, and we hope you get back to you within the month!

  7. My big red US bred boy is farting at my feet while I watch this useless video. Have had Dobies for 37+ years from both US & Euro bloodlines, and who knows where from rescues. Who IS this dude?

  8. Why so much hate? Dumb asses, he’s clearly looking at the camera…and even if he isn’t, who gives a fuck if he’s reading off of a card? Goddamn people at least he’s helping you. Respect the guy!

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