Dog Breeds from A-Z

Dog Breeds from A-Z

I made a video with the help of my brother SimpsonReptilesTV. The video is about a few types of dog breeds from A-Z enjoy:)
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7 thoughts on “Dog Breeds from A-Z

  1. Do you have Goldens??

    i always wanted a husky! but i got a goden that i love s much!!!!

  2. i have a lab chow mix and i love him unbeleivably but someday when im older i want 0:24 what kind is that?

  3. border collie i own one, there very clever and nice dogs all around, ive had mine for 10 years and he hasnt ever bit any other human or animal.

  4. I had a rat terrier but he pass away and than I got a Labrador mixed with a terrier still a puppy right now

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