Dog Breeds : How to Buy an English Bulldog

Buying an English bulldog involves either finding a reputable breeder who will charge a premium or locating a breed-specific rescue group to consider adoptio…

Crufts 2013 is nearly upon us, a great event that I nearly always attend. For dog lovers everywhere, here is my tribute to the greatest dog show on the plane…

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33 thoughts on “Dog Breeds : How to Buy an English Bulldog

  1. Many thanks my friend for your kind comments, German Shep’s are fine dogs, so loving its unreal.

  2. brill vid sparky !! aww, they are all soo cute! i want to pick them all up and cuddle them! my fave is the bassett hound with flower in its mouth!!!

  3. Many thanks Goldi – I thought you would appreciate all the cute dogs, the Basset Hound is such a sweet & docile dog. 

  4. Many thanks my dearest M.I for your kindness.
    Sending you & your special loved ones my warmest regards.
    Peace, Hugs & Miles of Smiles,


  6. Many thanks Dani for your kind comments, ah the Bichon Frise, always a popular choice with Crufts attendee’s & undeniably cute.

  7. very nice my dear brother John
    Thanks for this nice upload my dear bro,loved the dogs and the music,so tender and so sweet:).
    beautiful work
    may you enjoy a wonderful day with your lovely family
    Big hugs from me
    Take care

  8. Many thanks my dear bro Osama for your kind comments.
    We love dogs in our household, having two of our own.
    Sending you & your special family all my warmest wishes.
    Peace, Hugs & Miles of Smiles,

  9. Many thanks Bea for your kindness, I hope you are well. Glad you like my dog choices.

  10. That is not an english bulldog.. So stop talking about an english bulldog when that is not an english bulldog.

  11. bulldogs are great with children
    My bulldog knows all main commands and 4 others
    But he will only do them if its in his interest or in the mood to be cooperative, which is awesome because i didnt wanted to own a robot.
    He is a bit obsessive compulsive, he doesnt like new furniture in house or things moved around, he parks and pull them around if he notices change.
    But other then that its the best dog breed i ever owned.
    Bulldog have character.
    Would totally recommend it to anyone with children.

  12. Folks, if you look into the history of English Bulldog blood line, this lady’s bulldog is pure bleed, Bulldog not only must be a chabby build, that was the result of “Man Maid” What she is trying to tell us, is be a sensiable Bulldog owner instead of “show off” bulldog owner. You guys just can’t accept due to her bully is not as chabby as yours??? but hers one for sure will live longer that yours! Mind live up till 12 years old.!

  13. As bulldog rescue team in HK, I have seen the Oldie English bulldog, which looks like the one on this video, so folks please do your home work before attacking others!

  14. Just because the dog doesn’t have that big rope nose that doesn’t mean it’s not pure bred, anyway, that big rope causes breathing problem for what you think is the real English bulldog. there are many types of English bulldogs. The lady’s dog is a pure bred before the huge rope nose come along. Those with huge rope nose are the result of selective breeding. so go look into the history of English bulldog. Bulldogs evolve because of breeders desired different looks in bulldogs.

  15. I am sorry but I breed and showed Bulldogs for 10 years. The best thing you can do that this video didn’t stated was this: Go to a dog show and talk to a reputable breeder. Have them go through and educate you on the breed. See if you have the MONEY for this breed, its a very VERY high maintenance breed. They are wonderful but need alot to keep them happy and health. Also you need a good vet who understands the breeds special needs. Please do not get this breed without doing your research!

  16. where can i buy a dog at? Petsmarts? Online Shopping? or Petco? please tell me

  17. I think this one is a Olde English Bulldog instead of the English Bulldog. Olde English Bulldogs usually don’t have the big head, droopy jaws like the English Bulldog.

  18. Cute and Adorable English Bulldog Puppies For Adoption. I have beautiful English bulldog puppies available. These puppies are current on their vaccinations and veterinary comes with all necessary documents. Mail –

  19. We have American Bullies (UKC). They are great apartment dogs, as they do not have the activity level nor the dog aggression of their ancestor breed, the APBT.

    Please visit my channel… and keep in mind, we ship anywhere in the world!

    English Bulldogs are brachiocephalic… and while there are American Bullies that have been bred to have trouble breathing, we believe that American Bullies have a slightly higher activity level than their Eng. Bulldog distant relatives.

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