Dog Breeds : How to Select a Boxer

When selecting a boxer, which is a breed traditionally with docked ears and tail, consider the animal’s personality, high energy level and generally good tem…
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Our top 10 sweetest dog breeds

This is our sweetest top 10 dog breeds. Hope you like it Right a comment.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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38 thoughts on “Dog Breeds : How to Select a Boxer

  1. I love Golden Retrievers. They really are the sweetest dogs. Now I’m gonna cuddle my Goldie named Brandi.

  2. if some one have the heart to insult the golden retriever then im sure they must b kind of nutz or sumting..
    they r ANGEL..
    perfect creation.. afta all they r dogs.. so mind dat in first place..

  3. Yay!! Collies and German Shepherds are on there!!!! I have both of those dogs!!

  4. I miss my golden retriever so much :( but I’m not gunna lie she was kinda mean sometimes lol

  5. GERMAN SHEPHERDS!? you gotta be kidding. Does anyone even know what a newfoundland is? that’s the sweetest dog ever!

  6. thats a bit rude isn’t it you could have at least said in your need to be a hater

  7. I don’t hate them, I just don’t think they should be on there, German shepherds are ranked #1 for biting. Sweetest dogs ever? Yeah right,

  8. I love all dogs and all animals! The temperament of a dog depends on how to owner trains and treats the dog. Even a golden retriever can be aggressive I don’t blame them I blame the owner! I’m just very passionate about animals and people are saying German shepards are vicious animals…THEY AREN’T! I love all animals that’s why I’m vegan!

  9. german shepherds are the BEST come see mine shes beautfuil smart and soooooooo SWEET:)

  10. YESS! No cropping and cutting! It`s crazy what so called pet lovers can do with the animals! I live in Norway and have my 2nd boxer. They are so beautiful with tail and ears. I think they are more happy then!

  11. I disagree with cropping the ears of Boxers, and have never done that to my three. However I do agree with docking their tails. Boxers are extremely energetic dogs as this video points out, and there are a lot of stories out there of Boxers breaking their tails, as they’re naturally quite stiff. I’ve talked to other Boxer owners online who have said their dog broke it’s tail just by wagging it too much and hitting the wall/other things. Google ‘docking boxer tail’ and click the first site.

  12. I have had Boxers for 13 years and never heard this is a problem about their tails. Yes they are energetic dogs and let them show it. If this is become a problem(accident) then take action! I think this is a problem where it is a tradition to crop the tail and they dont consetrate on breeding Boxers with strong and beautiful tails, like our boxers in Scandinavia! This is a sick “tradition” made by people who set the look on first place, not what it is IN the dog!

  13. I live in Iceland and have had 2 boxers, both had their original, beautiful, big ears and wagging tail. I think docking and cropping is a disgusting “tradition” which was only done to make them look fearcer as guarddogs! And as the tail is not expected to be there the breeders dont have to think about the quality of it and therefor I think it breaks (never heard of that happening here).

  14. Also boxers are known for having frequent ear infections because of this cropping and I dont see how that benefits the dog!

    Hurray for Boxers 😀

  15. Clipped ears is disgusting and cruel. Docked tails are quite the opposite. Docking a tail before the puppys eyes have even opened is absolutely painless, having 1/3 or 1/2 of it amputated later on IS painful. Boxers snap tails regularly and have to undergo surgery as a result. To the people suggesting they have never heard of this problem, unfortunately there is a good chance you will hear of it the hard way.

  16. I am a student veterinarian and I would advise against docking tails. However I am willing to be proved wrong, please tell me where I can find information about snapped tails (for the boxer breed).
    At the clinic we have had quite a few boxer visits, most are undocked (I live in Europe) and none of them have come for tail problems until now … though I’m not an expert – yet :)

  17. Tail docking should be only justified if backed up by medical reasons. Having a puppy undergo a tail docking procedure for just cosmetic reasons is unacceptable.

  18. cropping of the ears originated back when boxers were used for hunting it makes the ears harder to be bitten or grabbed so if your going to use one for guarding something its actually more humane to have them cropped then torn off by something

  19. cropping of the ears is totally cruel. I have had 10 boxers. I am ashamed to say that I docked two of them. In retrospect, it was selfish and cruel and I am very sorry about it. Show people should be ashamed of themselves. If they really loved this breed, they wouldn’t do this.

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