Dog Breeds : How to Select a Chinese Shar-Pei

When selecting a Chinese shar-pei, consider the dog’s original responsibility, which was to be a guard dog, and find a reputable breeder who breeds in low qu…
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17 thoughts on “Dog Breeds : How to Select a Chinese Shar-Pei

  1. As nice looking as that Presa is, he doesn’t have the look to breed for(he
    has several VERY serious faults) and he DEFINITELY does not have the right
    temperament to breed for…that moron is also an idiot. And for the record,
    Presa are Mastiffs..not a Bully Breed.

  2. large testicles! this Eric kid looks like he might breed these dogs just
    for their large testicles so he can sell them on the black market to men
    with one testicle. balls

  3. @67bowman I feel you are right. This guy is trouble, I can see that

  4. I love how when someone watches a video on a “pitbulls”.. they instantly
    become a fucking dog expert

  5. this guy do not know what he is doing, and personally I believe this dog
    should be castrate immediately. This guy need to breed this dog like he
    needs a big kick in the ass. The girl is as stupid to stay in this stinking
    house or even go out with him. Waste of time.

  6. That’s true, but neutering is also a good idea for other reasons: better
    health, less stress, longer life, no contribution to pet overpopulation.

  7. Doesn’t wanna neuter the dog and plans to breed him? Disgusting and
    irresponsible. I have 2 boys who would pee all over the house, had to wear
    belly bands whenever they were inside, and constantly fought. We had put
    off neutering one of them due to his bad heart and the anesthesia could’ve
    killed him. After we finally got them both neutered, problem solved,
    literally. They haven’t peed even once in the house ever since. No more
    belly bands, no more urine spots on the floor/walls, no more fights.

  8. That dog needs its nuts cut off. Typical “macho man” who can’t bear to have
    his dog part with his dangly bits, when it would have such a positive
    impact on his behavior. A dog with that sort of temperament has NO business
    being bred and passing that temper on.

  9. wat ever my dog shar pei lovs people and he can be mean when he has 2 not
    all da time

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