Dog Breeds : How to Select a Doberman Pinscher

Selecting Doberman pinschers involves considering their personality, as they tend to be great guard dogs, are not friendly to strangers and can be quite affe…
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16 thoughts on “Dog Breeds : How to Select a Doberman Pinscher

  1. *Shakes head* talk about misinformation! WOW! You really need to be exposed to the breed yourself! Judging by the picture you held up you have never been around a Doberman Pinscher in your life. They are not unfriendly towards strangers or people in general as long as they are properly socialized, these are very loyal a loving dogs. You should stop posting your BS!!!

  2. If anyone knows a great Doberman breeder please message me. I don’t want to just settle for easy. I want the right breeder so I can find the right puppy to add to our family. We have bin searching for a while now with little luck. Living in Central NJ

  3. hey i love dobermans my parents have both had their share of them and i think its time for one of my own i want a good dobie with a good bloodline like no heretitary diseases and such but i cant seem to find a breeder i think i could trust for th right amount im only 15 and i have to buy the dog myself so it cant be too coastly, and i live in michigan so i need to be able to get it here do u have any sugestions

  4. Sounds like a stupid general stereotype. Just went to the vet with my dog and there was a lady with a dobe there and she came up, licked my hand and wagged her tail.

  5. Some of you guys are messed up its how you socialize it gosh its not a stereotype and no an overly socialize doberman is not well trained in my book. I love working dogs yea a well trained doberman wont be mean to strangers but will attack on command THAT is a WELL TRAINED dog not a dog that was petted by everyone as a puppy of course its going to be nice if everyone pets the cute puppy and gives it treats.

  6. i agree with tuscanipassion, my doby is very friendly 4 everyone
    greets mar en jackson

  7. I used to have a doberman and it was very friendly but when she seen thread she would attack

  8. Clearly you have never seen a Doberman before…”fairly affectionate”??? and “live to 15 years”, it’s a shame they don’t.

  9. all the people saying a dobi is super friendly the are correct they can be HOWEVER most of the dobis i have met will look to their owner to see if it is ok before becoming a friendly i own a boxer and have been around many dobis trust me the good ones normally wait before transforming into love balls

  10. I agree – she doesn’t talk about viewing mom and dad, personality tests, genetic makeup,and confirmation!! All important items when selecting a Doberman. Rename your video!

  11. Holy misleading title. She never even mentioned how to select a dobe.

    Thanks for wasting 1:20 seconds of my life.

  12. I owned Dobermans for 20 years and they are basically one owner dogs and loyal to the very end, that is until a woman or a child shows up. Then they are no longer your buddy but a friend. Then when meal time comes or time for that long walk, yup your their bud again

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