Dog Breeds : How to Select a Miniature Schnauzer

Selecting a miniature schnauzer involves considering the amount of grooming necessary for everyday upkeep, their guard-dog personality, which could result in…

Dog Breeds-Dalmatian

An informational video on Dalmatians. Check out the Dog Information Channel for more information on dog breeds. (my channel)

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23 thoughts on “Dog Breeds : How to Select a Miniature Schnauzer

  1. They’re stubborn all the way too, they’re able to ignore you for weeks.

  2. I agree. Mine’s topped out at twenty, and that was when she was pretty chubby. Fifteen pounds is about where a mini ought to be, depending on how tall they are.

  3. My excoworker’s Mini Schnauzer is dying : ( she always told me so much about her… I also met my boyfriend’s Grandmas mini Schnauzer and I fell in love with it. It is an adorable breed….and am so impressed. It doesn’t act annoying like other small dogs… It made adorable noises when he seen his mommy : ) I hope he stay’s healthy. I would love one for my apt life…i love going outdoors…Golden retriever too big : ( so maybe this will be the breed for me.

  4. What did you feed your baby? How long would you walk him for? Yes i noticed that not too much barking and am more than impressed by that… I need my sleep…lol. They look so cute…like they should be investigating crimes in the old days and wearing a hat and smoking a pipe…lol. Soo cute : )

  5. you forgot to mention how smart they are. i had a german shepard growing up and I though he was smart but now that i have a minie schnauzer he is smarter than the shepard. love him too much!

  6. I love, love, LOVE my miniature schnauzer and I love how smart they are!!! Its really amazing.

  7. I have 4 miniature schanuzer and they are the best dogs, very smart , they don’t shed they are around 16 pounds, I love them i wish i can have 4 more

  8. Mine is 15 pounds, I dont know how mini schnauzers can get 30lbs as she said -_-“

  9. My God he is so still, my minny would have attacked that lady by now, he never sits still…

  10. Schnauzer’s are top of the breed in the dog world in my opinion……I have had the pleasure to own two…Jasper and Jasmine…Jasper passed away on Sept 29, 2009…Happy Birthday my ole friend (May 17th) and Jasmine is now 7…If you want a dog that will go to the ends of the earth for you, loving and so much more…The schnauzer is the breed for you.

  11. i think pepper is a bit lazier than most shnauzers :p
    good lap dog, and hyper when she wants to be though :p

  12. I agree she must be smoking something, if you let a mini get that big, that’s abuse

  13. He looks alittle awkward. Like the way you’re touching him, you shouldn’t be so resentless :)

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