Dog Mixed Breeds

I got bored, so i made this, ENJOY!! p.s. the quality would have been better but i didn’t have time 4 all that loading.
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4 thoughts on “Dog Mixed Breeds

  1. It is not Chiwawa, it is Chihuahua. I was confused about Chihuahuas and Chiwawas. It is spelled ChiHUAHUA. Next time please make sure you spelled correctly.

  2. @CreepersMinecraft67 thx for the info. this vid was uploaded 2 years ago. im well aware i spelled chihauhau wrong. i dont give a crap

  3. hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nice one you made justi even more stupid better than dustbin beiver lol
    p.s. i hate justin beiber lol

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