DOG WHISPERER Cesar Millan on WOLF-DOG Hybrids (Oct. 2010)

HONORING THE WOLF: Cesar teamed up with Wolf Expert Jennifer McCarthy to work with 3 wolf hybrids. Note: Daddy is still in this episode! :) For more Informat…

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16 thoughts on “DOG WHISPERER Cesar Millan on WOLF-DOG Hybrids (Oct. 2010)

  1. lol i m da 1st people to like.. thnx 4 video.. btw can u tell me da price of basset hound breed?? thnx..:)

  2. You mistaken taming with domestication. Most animals can be tamed, domestication on the other hand is a very long process (thousands of years).

  3. Hate to tell ya, but tigers are not from Africa. You might can find them at some of the larger zoos, like in Cairo, but tigers are from Asia. Otherwise, fabulous video!

  4. Your so right. It’s impossible to train that wolf predatory instinct out of them.,,it can’t be done.

  5. 09:52 really? Africa tiger? You’re clearly another ignorant american.

  6. I could see wolves working and living with human hunter gatherer societies but modern humans not so much the lifestyles in the ancient times would work well with wolves but modern times its just less likely

  7. Sheesh, I’ve got my hands full with my all dog dog because he is “drive-y.” I can’t even imagine the amount of work responsibly owning a part wild breed would be.

  8. Friend of mine had a wolf hybrid….. such a friendly dog… he died from a seizure :'( … so much emotion he showed

  9. 9:52 Ms McCarthy tigers are Not natives of Africa.
    But a big fan of your expertise ma’am.

  10. The show AIRED in Oct. 2010 — it was probably recorded before Daddy passed.

  11. That is true..PS. Daddy the best dog I ever see in my life,I loved him like mine dog..but I never see him in live….thats say a lot of daddy….I apologaze if i made a mistake in my English….I still studying English im 15 year old …I don t speak English. 😉

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