Genetic Problems in Purebred Dogs: Brain Problems in Staffie

Genetic problems are becoming more common in Purebreds. They are often bred for “the look” and money instead of for health. There are many responsible breede…

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19 thoughts on “Genetic Problems in Purebred Dogs: Brain Problems in Staffie

  1. Spoken like a true breeder (living in denial). No one said mixed breeds do not have genetic disorders. It IS true that purebreds very often have more genetic defects than mixed breeds as a result of inbreeding or “line” breeding as breeders like to call it (they don’t like to admit their dogs are inbred).

  2. Two things about your opening sentence. One, it is better to refer to it as the “inbreeding” business, second, it is in fact a business! Breeders claim to do it as a hobby, “for the love of the breed”, yadda yadda, of course they all claim they make NO money from breeding, but the truth of the matter is they DO make money from selling pups. People should not confuse the terms “adopting” with “selling”. Breeders sell dogs for profit, shelters & rescues adopt dogs to save their lives.

  3. this explains alot about america….50% of US it is still legal to marry 1st cousins….goooo most advanced superpower in the world ever in history…now with a black president…amazing….

  4. I can’t believe how human-like a dog’s brain is. I mean, it looks practically the same, only smaller. Didn’t you feel a bit distressed , the first time you had to touch one?

  5. No, I am always in awe about the beauty of the organs of the body and love to study them

  6. yes…breeding with your first cousin creats retarded kids….i am that dumb…wow… go and pray to jesus…

  7. crashed 4times in a row on me so uhmm i wasnt meant to watch it i think!won’t try again maybe its sad or awful or idk nor want to know,laterzz hope its an ok doc,in good taste and teaching not just some ugly brain or i dno?!bye4now

  8. Don’t get me wrong here coz I’m on your side of the argument, but your defense was not the strongest. The arrogant showie’s would just say people don’t take mutt’s to the vet because apparently those of us who own crossbreds cannot afford vets ^^

    Or so their self righteous chanting goes. I’ve owned pitbulls for the most of my life and have been fortunate to have never run into any genetic issue’s. I am about to have a thorough genetic testing though, is there anything you advise looking for?

  9. There is a test for this disease and all amstaffs should be tested for it before breeding, we can easily avoid this problem in our dogs by being responsible and only breeding amstaffs who test clear for it

  10. generally the unhealthy toy and small breeds i see are pets from BYBS and puppymills not responsible breeders except in breeds like pugs and bulldogs…because showing dogs doesnt make you reputable it’s the ethics and when you over emphasize i think you hurt the breed and the fancy, the sport ect.

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