How to choose a dog? Best dog breeds info. Choose a dog breed Find out wich dog breed you should get. Learn how to choose a dog and a list of the most popular dog breeds. Get a free rep… Best Dog Breeds for Family: Top 5 Dog Breeds for Families: 1. Siberian Husky 2. Golden Retriever…
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32 thoughts on “How to choose a dog? Best dog breeds info. Choose a dog breed

  1. UMMM I HAD A rottie it was pussy sheba kicked its ass lol dont belive me look at my VIDEOS

  2. a friend of my parents had a german shepherd and I myself got a german shepherd/ labrador retriever and in my eyes they’re the most reliable and loyal dogs ever. That said they tend to be overly protective of their family and can get nervous and scared if strangers come into their homes, especially if those strangers try to pick up or hug your kids.
    A friend of mine had a german shepherd as a kid (her parents) and that dog had to be replaced because she couldn’t handle strangers around the kids.

  3. hey i need some help looking for this dog its name begins with b its a semi fluffy dog i cant get the spelling rite i think its pronounced bow-v-ier???

  4. guys should i get a dog??
    i want something small and friendly
    For the first 10 weeks it would someone there constantly but it would be on its own from 7:30-12:30 after those ten weeks

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