Meet the Breed – Boxer

Highly intelligent, exuberant and energetic. Very devoted to family and good with children. The Boxer is one of the most playful breeds in the world. This co…
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17 thoughts on “Meet the Breed – Boxer

  1. Well if you would have taken the extra minute to read my comment instead of trying to hurry and post something hostile you would see i’m against ear cropping.

  2. Thanks, I love the breed, its a shame the makers of this video couldn’t spend just a little time researching the breed more.

  3. Ok, so I see a lot of posts on cropping ears and tails. Tails are done usually no later than 3 days old and is a standard for the breed, both of my boxers have their tails docked as puppies. Now for ears, mine are both NOT cropped and I prefer it this way because 1: the first things little kids go for are ears and tails. 2: You typically have to wait til dogs are 6 mos to a year until you can dock their ears. Its painful and they remember it and some won’t let anyone touch their ears after.

  4. it starts like if they allready had a bad rep. … i allways saw them as child’s play dog to educate and simpely good for famelys

  5. This is a good video… oh, wait, it’s an Ad. Boxers are great dogs, and I believe the best food for any dog is Blue. I just wish I could afford it again.

  6. It is illegal in Denmark and if you have it done in say Germany or Spain, you cannot get the dog certified for breeding(ie no certified, recognized breeding history) and the pups will sell for only half and not through the official clubs.

    So there is definately some signs heading in the right directions as Denmark works closely with German clubs where the breed main org resides.

  7. My first boxer i had i was scared lol he was big and scary looking it was the middle of the night we got him we name him Rocky. Then he had puppys with a other boxer. and I pick out the smallest one. He was like the underdog so i name him Rocky Jr. It sad cause i only had Rocky for like 4 or 6 mouths and he die buy a hit for a car when i was at Mexico for summer. But now I got my baby boy Jr. *almost 5 years” and his son Snoopy *1years old Boxer/Pit Bull* Best Breed i ever had!

  8. Giving dogs any sort of kibbles including Eukanuba is just killing your dog. I feed my Boxer a raw meat diet with al kinds of vegetables. He also eat all kinds of different fruits as well. It’s the best thing for ANY dog. Not that poison the the Pet Food Industry shoves down you dogs throat!

  9. boxers are not mean. but they do drool. i have a boxer girl. she can really drool

  10. Boxers mean???? This is the most stupid thing I ‘ve ever heard about boxers.

  11. They only thing I hate about boxers is that they are very prone to cancer, which  I think my dog has developed, we’ll see how it goes.

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