15 thoughts on “My Favorite Dog Breeds

  1. It’d be quicker for me to list the dogs I don’t like. I don’t like golden retrievers. I can’t stand labradors. I’m disgusted by german shorthair pointers. I kinda like pit bulls, but I never want to own one. I don’t really care for slobbery, drooly dogs, though I think most of them are cute! That’s about it. All other dogs I like.

  2. My favs are

    1. Doberman Pinscher
    2. German Shepherd
    3. Husky
    4. Dalmatian
    5. Jack Russell

    P.S. Lots of U people might not no what a DOBERMAN PINSCHER is soooooooo
    LOOK IT UP!!!!!!!

  3. 1. Pembroke Welsh Corgi
    2. German Shepherd
    3. Border Collie
    4. Australian Cattle Dog
    5. Cardigan Welsh Corgi

  4. My list is : 1 border collie 2. germa shepherd. (working lines) 3. doberman. 4. saluki 5. rough collie. 6.Malinois 7. kelpie. 8 australian shepherd 9. dutch shepherd. 10. siberian husky and 11.australian cattle dog. 12. keeshound
    OMG I love all dogs ofcourse but I do prefer all the working dog breeds and small breeds or over sized dogs.

  5. Mine Is Boarder Collie , German Sheperd , American Eskimo , Shiba Inu , Samoyed , Japanese Spitz , Pomeranian (Small But Mighty) , Siberian Husky . I Know Its Not 5 , But Whatever ;))

  6. 1. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
    2. Beaceron
    3. Rottweiler
    4. Australian Shepherd
    5. German Shepherd

  7. 1. golden retriever
    2. labrador
    3. german shepherd
    4. border collie
    5. cocker spaniel
    😀 nice vid;)

  8. My top 3:
    American Eskimo/Danish spitz: Beautifull, sweet, and cool, all at once, they remind me of the “German Shepherd”, only cream in color
    Japaneze Spitz: Beautifull, sweet, and cool, all at once, and has a teflon coat repelling dirt, which is pretty cool. I like that it’s a low mainenance dog, eaven though it looks otherwise
    Pomeranian: The worlds sweetest dogbreed, there’s just no dog cuter in my eyes
    Well, I obviously like spitz dogs, nothing better than a cuddly, fluffy teddy bear:-)

  9. mine 1.german sheperds 2.siberian husky3.labrador retrievers4.golden retriever5.doberman

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