My Top 17 Favorite Small Dog Breeds

My top 17 favorite small dogs. I have alot yeah ­čśë Music Produced by Phat Records
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5 thoughts on “My Top 17 Favorite Small Dog Breeds

  1. I like dachshunds too :) Also yorkies and beagles lol. Min pins are ok too :)´╗┐

  2. my grandma had a jack russell terrier´╗┐ and it has bitten both me and my three year old sister on the face and she had to get stiches. so if you have young children i would not recommend a jack russell

  3. I have a rat terrier named Hershey and he is very sweet and energetic! For a family with small children or a small home, a rat terrier is the dog for you! They will stick by your side´╗┐ forever and be your constant companion :)

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