My Top 5 Favorite Dog Breeds

Just Some of my favorite dog breeds!!!!!!!!! Hope you enjoy!!!! 😀 NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED!!! the song is Footloose by Kenny L The full name on en…

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14 thoughts on “My Top 5 Favorite Dog Breeds

  1. @TheAnimalGirl1000 Yes I love big dogs !! I want to own a German Shepherd
    when I get older. and lol my last favorite is so outta place but I adore
    little corgis <3

  2. I know many people with labs they are great dogs and Dalmatians are
    beautiful, I love so many different breeds it was hard choosing lol When i
    was younger my favorite was a Dalmatian then it changed to a labrador then
    a german shepherd which it has stayed lol Who knows i might change my mind
    someday again lol

  3. That is only if they are raised by ignorant stupid assholes who make them
    mean! My dad had german shepherds for his entire childhood and they were
    sweethearts! My neighbor has a Pitbull mix who is beyond loving, Cesar
    Millian had a pack of 8 Rottweilers with no problems and have you ever seen
    the doberman on youtube who’s best friend is a Chihuahua? Seriously! I walk
    all these breeds and mixes at a local animal shelter and the freaking foo
    foo dogs are more aggressive. Educate dont Discriminate!

  4. OMG how on earth is a St.Bernard not in there ARE YOU CRAZY!!? there the
    best dogs ever so big smart neat and sweet! I had one that got to 228 lbs
    when i was 7.

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