Pros and Cons of a Dachshund | Dog Breeds

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25 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of a Dachshund | Dog Breeds

  1. this lady is right! my lil wire-hair duchshund loves to do those things shes talking bout!

  2. Sounds like this lady just read a small article on them. Her book must b lame. ;(

  3. This woman is totally WRONG!! She is showing miniature dachshunds and the minis were NOT the badger killers the Standards were. Minis went after smaller game like rabbit. Dachshund means badger Dog not Badger Hound! My standards are up to 32 lbs(boys). People need to realize that the standards are the original dachshunds and unfortunately are never seen enough. When people see dachshunds they usually see the mini. Some dog expert Gimmee a break!

  4. Just have to post this, I was never a fan of little dogs. Old girlfriend gave me a dachshund after my yellow lab passed away. I was skeptic but I am here to say over the past 7 years with him I LOVE HIM SO MUCh. This video is right he is small but he doesnt act like it and he sure dosent know he is small….Great hunter of mice and snakes. ( bring them to the patio to show his skills ) but yet he is great arond kids. Totally recommend the breed. Thanks for listening to my 2 cents.

  5. I love my dachshund she is really smart compared to my other dogs a poodle a bulldog and a saint Bernard

  6. I’m sorry but you have to say it “daSH hUND” not like duckshand…

  7. What do you mean my DASHOUND always smiles like when he sits on me or takes a walk

  8. Wow I’m surprised to see so many people hating on this woman. She seems really sweet with a warm smile. But anyways I love my dachshund!

  9. I love my two mini dachshunds, later on I plan to get a third. I plan to Rommel after the Desert Fox who was know to have dachshunds.

  10. She’s pronouncing it correctly. It’s a German word, Dachshund. Not DASH-HOUND.

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