Pros and Cons of a Weimaraner | Dog Breeds

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16 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of a Weimaraner | Dog Breeds

  1. I like how the video is about the Weimaraner but all you see is close-ups and video of her pitbulls lol.

  2. ugh, as usual, ppl that never had or probably even met a weimaraner talking about how they look and all this superficial junk…i have a weim, heres a quick bio, NOSEY as hell, if you leave anything scented out, they will A)find it and B) 90% chance of eating it, they have a deep intimidating bark and growl, usually when someones at the door, as an announcement. they love to run, all day any day, although they dont really like the rain, prissy cunts, but they love the snow for some reason…

  3. Why the help do u have ur stupid pitbull in every scene of this video? This is not a pitbull video…. Thumbs down

  4. video really says nothing about the dogs. i want to know more, not see you messing around with your dogs.

  5. Thumbs down for me. If you’re going to talk about a certain breed, your video should feature the breed you’re talking about. A bit informative, I’d say, but you need to work on your videography.

  6. “… the waimaraner or if we are speaking German THE weimaraner…” LOL! rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  7. I hate people talking about breeds as if every dog will have the same traits … Just like humans there all different my Weim is nothing like what I have read to expect .. Neither is my friends and for argument sake my mother in laws employers Weim as well..

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