The best dog breeds

In my opinion, the best breeds of dog out there for looks, strength, personality and quirky characteristics. I was sick in bed when I made this, I had nothin…
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13 thoughts on “The best dog breeds

  1. And if you are mean to a dog you don’t what to know what i’ll do to you.

  2. uhm excuse me but were is shih tzu uhm smart intelligent cute adorable not to big ect. what not to love

  3. xMyMychelex look up Spanish Water Dogs they are really the best dogs in the world.

  4. labrador retrievers originated in Newfoundland and Labrador, but are widely considered to have been bred to the current standard in Britain.

  5. theyre the only animal to live in harmony with humans even since caveman times

  6. BTW Dalmatians are originaly from Dalmatia region in Croatia not frickin India lool
    Do Your study next time.

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