The Dog Whisperer – S06E10 – Most Aggressive Breeds

WATCH THE NEW VIDEO: “How we improved dogs”. It’s my new, better attempt at the same thing. This video took me about three days to make, and I feel I had to …

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36 thoughts on “The Dog Whisperer – S06E10 – Most Aggressive Breeds

  1. I hate that people do these terrible things to dogs who have changed their true beauty into something only people want ” pretty “

  2. In the area I live, stray dogs used to roam…Hell everyone’s dogs used to roam…But over the last 20 years it has become very suburban and more densely populated. Stray dogs can’t be accommodated. No one wants random dogs in their yards and around their kids and pets. They would serve no purpose to the ecosystem. And I didn’t mean the dogs would carry disease to people and wipe out the population. lol, you read too far into that.

  3. What ecosystem? For most people urban areas are not part of the ecosystem. Also dogs establish territories whenever they can and so you would usually see only certain dogs. And if you don’t want “random dogs” have them communal dogs. Also these dogs would keep out wild predators. Also by the dogs living communal with other dogs their healthy pychological development is more likely than if they live with humans. Sorry but what you write sounds to me like “ist not fashionable”.

  4. *proud to be a Siberian Husky owner* They haven’t changed much from what they used to be, a little smaller than the wolf, slightly rounded muzzle and brow bone. Basically the same if you don’t include how their tails are almost always curled over their backs. Mine is short though because she was the runt when she was a puppy!

  5. Its not urban…I live in a suburban area nestled at the foothills of the Appalachian mountains. There are still wooded areas in between all of this. I’ve seen deer, wild turkey, and all kinds of animals in my back yard. No real predators around here, not unless you get into the mountains…the only thing we have to worry about is rabid racoons and shit like that. My dogs live communal with each other, I don’t need strays in there and it has nothing to do with fashion my friend.

  6. Any reason why you are so insistent that we need strays or wild dogs in the area I live in? You live in a different country so how do you know what we need here? I think the coyotes are better suited for the Appalachian mountains(which is a 45 minute drive from here) in which they roam, along with the bears and the occasional red wolf and mountain lion(so people claim)

  7. Because breeders are not doing a good job. Natural selection does. Where do you think healthy dogs will come from? Pariah dogs are of a much better constitution than pedigrees ever will be. Also having dog packs roaming around and defending their territory keeps big predators out. Just like it works in many places of Europe. So don’t assume that I do not know any merits to a situation. Also just because you think there are no predator doesn’t mean there are none.

  8. I don’t live in an area where dog packs roaming/defending territory is necessary. As you get closer to the mountains we do have coyotes that are a natural part of the ecosystem. And I know some very good breeders who do a superb job. I have a 20 year old domestically bred dog living with me right now. There are people breeding healthy dogs for very specific jobs that wild dogs arent capable of performing. I have no problem with dingos and other indigenous dogs, but we don’t have them here.

  9. Oh please, this argument again… -.- Evolution by natural selection and unnatural selection for deformity is NOT comparable. Animals are selected in nature for being the best (in their specific niche) for surviving and reproducing. Thus, they always get better, always healthier and more fit.
    We specifically and intentionally select for defect and deformity, to fit our needs and wants. These shapes would never happen in the wild. Natural selection is always for the better, show breeding is not.

  10. And this is exactly why I’m against Pedigree dogs and anything affiliated with them or similar to them…

  11. This video should be shown all over the pedigree and kennel clubs… Thank you for making this, this video is very important.

  12. The video was great and I agree very highly but all dogs werent desendants of the wolf so you cant put that as a example of how much people have changed them

  13. What happen´s is that most people think a dog is a toy.. and has to be Humanized.. and only used as a pet.. and for a pet everything goes.. from mix to ¨pure breed¨ dog breeding either you like it or not only works if the dog are tested in the nature.. as far as i can see Nature dont have soft places.. for dogs.. they have to fight yes.. they have to fight in nature and nature dont go easy on them.. other way they die or by the enemy of by lake of food think about it..

  14. Dude, people like you are THE REASON why the AR nuts are trying to take our rights away! It is fine if you like your breed because of looks; one of the main reasons I love dobermans is because they are SO noble and regal looking! But you simply CAN’T breed just for looks, it IS possible to have health, form and function. I’m thankful that the doberman has only been around since the early 20th century, which has saved them from centuries of bad breeding that has ruined breeds like bulldogs.

  15. The AR nuts could kill themselves and make me happy. The Neapolitan Mastiff is a gorgeous dog, wrinkles and all. Those wrinkles can cause skin problems, but once again I don’t care! I’d rather produce animals that are gorgeous with health issues than alter the breed’s appearance which is what the AR fuckers would like! They’d like breeders to breed Neapolitans with less wrinkles/smoother skin; well, then you’d no longer HAVE a Neapolitan Mastiff! I know health and looks can go (continued)

  16. (continued) together and of course breeders should and DO strive for that but I won’t let these asshole PETA jerks tell me it’s wrong to breed dogs with extreme features. I don’t want the Basset Hound or Bulldog to look any other way than how they do!

  17. I feel that it is not that bad for humans to have changed the dog characteristics because say the dog used to be a hunting dog and we have now bred it in a way that it is no longer as suitable to hunt, it wouldn’t have mattered much if there is no need for them to hunt anymore. I believe real breeders who want a working dog will still breed into their dogs those traits.:)

  18. While I don’t disagree about the AR nuts pissing off…how can you possibly justify keeping a breed like the bulldog the way they are, when they can’t even mate or give birth without human intervention? I am by NO means an animal activist, but those of us who show our dogs can’t bitch about the AR nuts trying to take our rights away when people ARE knowingly breeding unhealthy dogs, and especially how our fellow fanciers are not pressuring those breeds’ parent club to do something about it!

  19. Some of the examples in the video are a bit misleading…like the afghan hound’s coat one. Obviously an ungroomed dog compared to a groomed one is going to look way different. And I can honestly say that I’ve NEVER seen a GSD anywhere near the one @ 2:51 at any of the shows I’ve been to…in fact, I can honestly say that most of them did look like the straight back GSD you showed in this video.

  20. I hate how “breeding for show” is seen as a valid reason for producing dogs when it produces the worst of the worst. A blind retarded person could breed better dogs than a show breeder.

  21. How fortunate these people with pits living healthy in the desert….whew.

  22. The Rottweiler really upset me. The dog seemed SO scared, I just felt awful for it.

  23. There are no dangerous dog breeds, just people who can’t manage their dogs correctly.

  24. Pitbulls dont have a locking jaw, no dog does. They just have a strong bite force, which as you stated can cause more severe wounds if a poorly raised dog were to bite someone. I do agree with you on the smaller dogs being more aggressive, Ive read several articles over the years about cocker spaniels, chihuahuas and other smaller dogs having the highest chances to bite someone. The main thing as Cesar says at the end of this video, its how the owner raises and trains the dog, not the breed.

  25. Insulting dogs isn’t anyway to express how horrible politicians are! 😉

  26. Its still selfish to buy a dog without looking at the breed requirements. For me, that is the height of selfishness in terms of getting a dog, because you could end up bringing a dog into an environment that will be at best stressful and at worse harmful (both emotionally and physically) for the dog. As an adult buying a dog, it is your responsibility to buy a dog in full knowledge of all of the aspects of the breed. If you dont, then yes it is selfish.

  27. i worked with a working sled dog team in north Canada. we ran our dogs many miles every day. they were all team mates and great dogs. one night we took them out for an over night run. that night we mad camp and fell asleep under the stars. around 3 am we woke to the terrifying screams of one of the dogs. as we shined our light to were the dogs were staked we saw the carnage. Naffle one of our big anchor dogs had ripped apart his team mate, a dog he had worked with for 8 year without incident.

  28. It’s only ignorance that makes them specify a particular breed. Any breed, if raised incorrectly, can be dangerous.

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