The Most Beautiful Dog Breeds

the top ten most beautiful breeds in order.

SORRY FOR MISTAKES MY COMPUTER KEPT CRASHING WHEN I MADE THIS~ Looking for a new nintendog and don’t know which one to choose? My video of all the dog breed…
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36 thoughts on “The Most Beautiful Dog Breeds

  1. eu queria saber uma outra coisinha… :( qual nintendog comprar, sao todos iguais? quais tem as raças mais legai?

  2. This year, I think my parents are going to give away a Nintendo 3DS and Nintendogs + Cats game! Since it went on sale this console (last year), I’ve wanted! And finally going to give me!
    I want Toy Poodle or Golden retriever version. I prefer Golden Retriever, because I love labrador retriever, and golden retriever it looks alike labrador :)

  3. Sure, RoboPUP It isn’t a surprise. RoboPUP it’s ugly. Puppies aren’t robots! 

  4. they are pretty but i didnt know the breed when i made this video… sorry

  5. Rough collies are by far the most caring, loyal and damn right beautiful dogs in the world. They stay by you through think and thin, I’ve just got a new dog, a rough collie and She’s already my pride and joy. Search about them if you don’t believe me, you won’t be disappointed.

  6. Are you the one who posted the video “I’m Sorry” on sara9896’s channel?

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