18 thoughts on “Top 10 Cutest Puppy Breeds

  1. Hey thats not nice I love my Chihuahua and I will always love my dog because it protects me ,´╗┐ and it loves me and I love it too so dont tell it mean things like:Chihuahuas are fat rats and thats because there not

  2. Whilst whatching this I almost screaming´╗┐ WHERE THE FUCK IS SIBERIAN HUSKYS!

  3. Hi there. Im ThePuppyLogist here to tell you something you might not know. First, Beagles are cute. Right? That is what you think? However beagles are known as the second aweful(am I right with aweful) dog. You will have to train it properly or else it might do something wrong. Hitting slightly´╗┐ on the nose part will be enough punishment. :] Liked my beagle tips? When I start uploading videos I hope you sub! Cheers from ThePupplogist!

  4. I know,I’m pointing out that I thought that the Husky wasn’t´╗┐ there

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