top 10 dog breeds

top 10 dog breeds

this video shows you the top 10 dog breeds in the world. this does not mean that these are actually the best dog breeds everyone has their own appionion. mos…

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13 thoughts on “top 10 dog breeds

  1. wow, for that comment you just proved that you are a complete jerk to poodles everywhere

  2. aww, well how bout you tell me in a few years when i might actually give a fuck.

  3. wow that’s all I can say is your doing great
    I stopped but you kept going , ill need your help

  4. You cannot say that any dog is “safe with children” just because of it’s breed. You need to train them correctly for them to be safe with children and even then leaving the dog alone with a young child would still be irresponsible.

  5. You also cannot say that Pugs do not bite. ALL dogs bite. Again, with the training,

  6. Labrador on 9th..Are You Kidding me? It should be on the top and german shepherd on 2nd……not on 4th

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