Top 10 Guard Dogs In The World

Top 10 Guard Dogs In The World

This is my own list,your opinion may differ from mine,so don’t start flaming,however if you do like my list,a like is very appreciated. Music:Tupac – Me Agai…
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17 thoughts on “Top 10 Guard Dogs In The World

  1. It would have been funny to see that the massive dog u expected to be nr 1, actually turned out to be a Chihuahua.

  2. yeah, and a kangal or caucasian shepherd could plow through any motherfuckers and rip it to shreds in seconds. their weight and height will squash a german shepherd or a pitbull.

  3. canario de presa dog #1 kangal #2 rhodesian ridgeback #3 Tosa # 4 neapolitan mastiff

  4. It should have been 1.tibetan mastive there huge 2. German Shepard there used in the police force 3. Rottweiler they are big and vicious

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