Top 10 Most Capable Guard Dogs

What are the traits of a guard dog? Aside from the usual traits that all dogs share, guard dogs have to be able to protect their master, to protect the homes…
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18 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Capable Guard Dogs

  1. Your Pitbull is a nobody compared to these dogs. If you Pit is 75lbs it’s not a real Pit anyway.

  2. I would take the German Shepherd over all the others. They’re the most well rounded and have intelligence through the roof.

  3. they all barked with no bite, training is a must… 80 % of these would be called bull dogs, please educate….

  4. your stupid do your research an ovcharka is way more well rounded and intelligent they will easily find their way home and will never attack their owner it’s a very loyal dog with the natural instincts to guard and protect it deserves the first spot way better then the other’s i know this because i own one myself

  5. 1.Bull Mastiff
    3.Doberman Pinscher
    4.German Shepherd
    5.Neapolitan Mastiff
    6.Giant Schnauzer
    7.Dogo Argentino
    8.Cane Corso
    9.Presa Canario
    10. Staffordshire Terrier

  6. what do you know about bully kutta or bull dong? 99% in the west have never or ever see one. these dogs are the ultimate guard dogs and fighters. your video is bullshit.

  7. 1. Bully

    2. Presa

    3. Gull dong

    4. Rottweiller

    5. Dogo

    6. Cane corso

    8. Kangal

    9. Doberman

  8. Hahahaha you think the Ovcharka is more intelligent than the German Shepherd, you’re a special kind of stupid aren’t you. Obvcourse you’re going to think the dog breed you own is the best, every person does. If the Ovcharka was a great as you say they are then wouldn’t they be the top picked dog for military and police around the world, shouldn’t they be far more popular than the rest of the dogs on this list. Once again the GSD FTW!!!

  9. Bully? Pitbull? American Bull… Scott Johnson’s or Hybrid? American Bully? Staffordshire Bull? American Staffordshire? English Bulldog, English bull terrier? Irish Staffordshire? American Pitbull? Olde English Bulldog? btw it’s 678 not 689…. This should be good lol

  10. You need to train a dog to be aggressive, and no dog is trained to attack, protection dog’s are taught to control a situation which for a dog is by 1st a vocal warning followed through with a bite if required..

  11. In the West you should do your research, Bully Kutta is a Pakistani Fighting dog and the most commonly owned dog in Pakistan and immediate vacinity, you really are lacking intelligence regarding dog’s…. My god I hope you never own one, the poor thing would be tortured

  12. Staffordshire Terrier would never come above a pitbull for security or any type of tasking work if given the same tuition, or even naturally, staffordshire’s were bred to be human friendly so not a good natural guard dog

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