Top 10 Smartest Dogs in The World

Top 10 Smartest Dogs in The World

Top 10 Smartest Dogs #10 Australian Cattle Dog No you don’t have to live in Australia to encounter this dog. These dogs generally grow to be 30-50lbs. Austra…
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Documentary And Man Created Dog – a National Geographic presentation.

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45 thoughts on “Top 10 Smartest Dogs in The World

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  3. This documentary fails. Dogs were first domesticated in East Asia, not the
    Middle East.

  4. I’m grateful for Akita’s. Rescued 3 in my time and never met a more loyal

  5. NATURE is creepy! One day…. Holy Ghost! ONE DAY! So sad…
    Cant we give that guy some money? He deserves it!

  6. 0:12:05 I’ve always noticed that women seem to develop a stronger bond with
    their canine companions. Maybe it’s simply maternal instinct…but what if
    something genetic was passed down to present day from the earliest days of
    the woman-wolf, mother-pup relationship?

  7. Dogs from wolves – mans first upgrade since 30,000BC, thanks to my
    ancestors for having the guts, patience and compassion to work with these
    animals, if they hadn’t we would just have wolves on the earth.

  8. The Maltese is a small, fearless and very playful dog with a long, white
    silky coat that is hypoallergenic to be offer as Christmas gifts and
    presents during these season. Maltese do very well with other animals, but
    are often leery of strangers. The Shih Tzu is a medium sized and more
    sturdy breed with a double coat that is very people focused and literally
    thrives on attention and affection. The combination of these two breeds
    produce a cute, sturdy, intelligent, family focused dog with a slow shed
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  9. Interesting how they present this as “scientific” fact. 45,000 years ago,
    no one was there to observe it. It’s all speculation on assumptions. What
    ever happened to TRUE science?

  10. old english bulldog >>> kinda cute!
    i was BLESSED to find my dog, Sadie, right when I needed a new pup to
    train as my latest Service Dog…. her owners had planned on having boxer
    puppies for the purpose of selling them. well, at some point they did NOT
    do a good job of supervising Sadie’s mommy!! instead of little red boxer
    puppies the litter was multi-colored and OBVIOUSLY NOT pure boxer!!! they
    had / have an older pure bred border collie that is “intact,” and nature
    being what it is….
    i was able to get a healthy, happy pup with the absolute BEST of both
    breeds >>> boxer friendliness, loyalty, and affection AND border collie
    work ethic and BRAINS!!!!!! easy to train, happy to work, happy just to
    be near me, and goes crazy poring out love for me when i am hurting!!!!!
    THANKS SADIE, I LOVE YOU :-) p.s. she would be a perfect
    “designer dog”

  11. Italian greyhound mixed with a rat terrier. my dog has a huge dose of fast,
    a big dose of jumping power and is one smart little brown lightning bolt.
    It is interesting to think if I went far back enough her ancestors are

  12. If anything helps prove the theory of evolution, it is selective dog
    I love my American Eskimo mix Oscar, who is two years old today:-D Happy
    Birthday Oscar.

  13. My dog Gizmo has been going to ‘work’ at an ALF for adults with severe and
    chronic mental illnesses. He’s never been trained formally, but he has been
    working with me for the past four years and he knows what my residents
    need, he knows when someone is going to have an episode, he can find meds
    that the residents don’t take, he will patiently sit in a resident’s lap
    and allow that person to stroke him, and the funny thing is, he isn’t a lad
    or a goldie he’s a pekenese! He’s awesome! He’s my hero!

  14. That story about Tuesday the dog that helped the war veteran, made me cry..
    Look at that dog, working 24/7 for his owner and he’s still just a happy
    dog :-) Dogs truly are mankinds best friend..
    And big gratz to Randy for doing a big thing for dogs :-)

  15. I can believe Isolated genes bringing different traits and behavior.
    However, the first relationship between dog and man was the raising of
    pups, not feeding adults. Also there are different types of dog, not just
    wolf. Like Hiena, fox, Husky, and other types of wild dog. Humans only get
    a small credit for breeds. Not all dog come from wolf.

  16. My G – shepered learnt to sit and lie down in 2 days! he had also learnt to
    open doors!

  17. Yay my dog is a mutt. He is a rottweiler, Labrador, springer and greyhound.
    Rottweiler jaw bite, Labrador face, springers crazyness and as fast as a
    greyhound. I love dogs.

  18. Actually they left out the 190+ other dog breeds in the world who are all
    equally as intelligent, no one breed is more intelligent than the rest,
    different breeds are bred to be better at different tasks and intelligence
    varies in individual animals just like with people. Enough with the breed
    discrimination already I say.

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