Top 10 Tallest Dog Breeds In The World

Top 10 Tallest Dog Breeds In The World

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Top Dog Breeds as Puppies

Hi, Thanks for watching my Video! This is Just about the top 20 dog breeds in Britain (as of 2006 Kennel club registrations). I decided to get pictures of th…

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27 thoughts on “Top 10 Tallest Dog Breeds In The World

  1. Hi Isabella,
    Pit bulls are illegal to own in the UK so there should be 0 registered each year. However, staffies (a very similar breed) are really common here, as you can see from them being number 5. I believe a lot of them aren’t registered, they are probably actually the most common dog/cross you will see here!

  2. Yes I agree Ankush, they chew a lot when they are teething! Emily, labradors are actually one of the most notorious breeds for chewing too!

  3. Staffies are actually known for being very people loving, they are mostly family dogs! Some don’t think they are as attractive though. My experience with them has always been good, but my mom doesn’t like them because a random Staffie bit our old dog… snap judgement!

    Golden retrievers are lovely though obviously! :)

  4. I get tired of replying to people who do not read the description or captions. I don’t know, considering your name, if you are joking, but I did NOT pick the order, or the dogs included. This is a list of the most registered dogs in Britain, in 2006. This video is 5 years old now! 😛 Check descriptions before commenting!
    I am sure chihuahuas are lovely too, although I haven’t met many (probably why they aren’t on this list). In the US though, they are currently at number 12 (via AKC).

  5. You shut the hell up the worlds tallest dog is great dane check the records may be most people think that but irish wolfhound didn’t made the record of the worlds tallest dog

  6. She is correct Irish wolf hound are usually larger.. BUT The a great dane has the world record.

  7. You have got to be full blown retarded because St Bernards are a hell of a lot bigger than english mastiffs and they can also get very much heavier to.

  8. grey hounds are not a whole lot tall, they are more slim which makes them look tall

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