Top 15 Dog Breeds!!

This is just my opinion, not even remotely based on any kind of fact, so no flipping out please :) I do not own all of these pictures. All pictures are copyr…
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15 thoughts on “Top 15 Dog Breeds!!

  1. Im sorry for you asshole, nobody asked you to´╗┐ watch this piece of shit, so fuck yourself or watch a porn movie!!! Loser! ­čśŤ

  2. SouthAfrikaVsUSA15 this video is too fast and the´╗┐ words were brown and u put it on brown dogs this video is crap

  3. Dalmation is from Croatia (Dalmatia) but some people believes that it is a cross from rajapalayam a place in south india. Dalmation dogs Characteristics 100% matches rajapalayam breed but rajayapalayam is a pure white dog looks like´╗┐ the same

  4. Damn straight lol xD. Yet to meet one I dislike :3, even the annoying´╗┐ ones I love lol

  5. The´╗┐ best dog was English bull terrier but the rest were shit, but yeah your opinion :/

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