Top 6 worst dog breeds

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The Original 9 AKC Dog Breeds

Get the complete list of recognized AKC dog breeds: PHOTO CREDITS Cocker Spaniel – Tom Bjornstad Chesapeake Bay Retriev…

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6 thoughts on “Top 6 worst dog breeds

  1. First of all u know shit on dogs and second of all about 2 or 3 of these 6 are not really bad and third of all,u have no prove a Rottweiler is bad because u got no picture of it loser!!!

  2. I hate you so much! Shihtzus are so cute! I swear if you put a saint bernard, a corgi, an austrailian shepherd or a lab i would haunt you for the rest of your life!!!!!! :@

  3. Dobeman poodle shih tzu and ROTTIES arent suppose to be there wtf is wrong with you but fuck chow chow

  4. WOW sorry to say this but u are a idiot, none of these dogs are supposed to be on this video! the only animal that is supposed to be on it, is YOU!!!!!!!!

  5. you r dumb my poodle is cute and its mixed with a pomerian

    god dont like u to talk about his animals

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