Top Ten Small Dogs Good with Kids A list of 10 small dog breeds that are great for children Chat about it at

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10 thoughts on “Top Ten Small Dogs Good with Kids

  1. Don’t blame the dogs blame the owner. Any size of dog can get irritated by small kids who like to prod and poke things. Dogs should NEVER be left alone unsupervised with young children, that’s how bad things happen…

  2. Sure just like humans, but you have to ask why are they ill tempered? Not walked enough, too, hot/cold, incorrect feeding etc. Find out what the problem
    is , sort it out and hey presto, no more ill tempered dogs, just like humans.

  3. Maddi, same reply as earlier. Don’t blame the dog. They are pack animals and should be the lowest member of a human family pack. Proper training and exercise will resolve most problems of this nature :-)

  4. Hey Sandra, make sure you think long and hard about getting a dog. They are fantastic pets and loyal friends, but they have needs just like us. If you don’t meet those needs, then you’ll have problems. Do your research and make sure that either of the 2 breeds you mentioned will fit into your lifestyle.

  5. Staffies are brilliant dogs, but I only had room for 10. Maybe I’ll do a video on the 10 great things about staffies – let me know what you think :)

  6. No you can’t do that there’s way more than 10 things that are great about Staffie’s!

    Just joking, yes sounds like a good good idea for a video.

  7. CCs are great dogs Isabella, very friendly and loving, boy do they enjoy their exercise. I was out in the woods a few weeks ago and came across about 30+ at their monthly get together. They’d walked miles, the owners were pooped but the dogs still wanted more!

  8. I’m getting a Yorkie soon! Already have a golden retriever, and a black lab

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