Understanding Dog Breeds: German Shepherd

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29 thoughts on “Understanding Dog Breeds: German Shepherd

  1. Ur welcome..and oh I forget Id like 2 add, Not all Bulldogs are unhealthy dogs with breathing problems, mine are healthy, active, can swim and have no problems at all. Another misconception out of this world

  2. I love bulldogs!!! They are the creator of Pit bulls ! Without those muscular monsters having to be bred with the jumping beans of terriers , the pitbull would have never been created!Bulldogs have the most unique history in the dog world! they were bred for bull baiting and their body features have unique meanings like having wrinkles to prevent blood in their eyes!! I love beautiful dogs that are so strong like those! and their mouth is sooo squishy and cute ♥

  3. Yea guys SHUT UP about those FAKE rumors how these dogs are dangerous, they are not i have had my pitbull till i was like i think 4 years old. He has not harmed me what so ever. You have a disagreement with me?

  4. I have a pitbull/boxer and he is sooo sweet and has never attacked ANYONE EVER. not all dogs are born killers WE make them like that :(

  5. All dogs are loving animals but we make them hate :( I had a German Shepherd and it died i still miss him today and when i say to some people i had a GSD they start saying and asking if he ever bit us and start saying how scary and aggresive they are when NO DOG IS AGGRESSIVE

  6. I love German Shepherds, and Pitt Bulls, these are two beautiful powerful k-9’s.

  7. I grew up with pits my entire life, I had one german shepard. I will never be able to get anotherbecause I loved the dog too much to ever replace him. A dog will only become dangerous when beaten or trained to. My grandmother had a rot and girl would come up to us when we took naps and kids and would not let anyone near us. They are loving creatures all are if treated well and trained well. If you take any animal and abuse and beat it it will be dangerous but that does not make the dog dangerous

  8. What’s with the black dog under Dogo Argentino? Dogos ONLY come in white.

  9. So where is the footage German Shepherds? What about more information on how the breed began, the standard characteristics, etc.

  10. I love cats but my brother is allergic to them. I have a dog now… 😛

  11. faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaail…………….. this woman is a total hippie who is overdosing on lsd and acid and peyote all at once

  12. The German Shepherd is so stealthy that in this video, it appears as a pitbull.

    German Shepherd’s FTW!

  13. why is your pit leading you out your door! wrong so wrong! good dogs if you understand them but for the pitbull to lead you out the door or any dog he is the top dog not you trust me!!!!

  14. I commend you for rescuing dogs, but this video did nothing to help me understand this breed. More than half of your video was about your love for dogs and your own, unimportant opinion of the breed. Terrible video

  15. Hip dysplasia? Overbreeding? I know you love these dogs, but this is supposed to be an information video.

    Are all your books as woolly and lacking in content?

  16. What the fuck you just talk and show a pit bull fucking retarded not a gsd

  17. this video is NOT helpful at all! show how you play with your dog, talking about movie balabala. such a waste of my time.

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