Understanding Dog Breeds: Rottweiler

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12 thoughts on “Understanding Dog Breeds: Rottweiler

  1. There seems to be two types though,
    (I’m not spelling badly here I’m just trying to prove a point)
    The American RottWeiler
    And the German RottVieler

    They are different in build and fur length, but that’s only something breeders tend to look into, but it’s all categorised so both ways of saying it can be right.

    I have one and she is the best thing that’s ever happened to me :3 I love her

  2. there is NO such thing called american rottweiler..
    whats next? new city called london in america?

  3. She is pronouncing it the German way, they make the w sound like a v.

  4. How you gone do a video talking about Rottweilers when theirs pitbulls

  5. What people see as the “American” Rottweiler is actually just a poorly bred Rottweiler. Rottweilers are actually stocky with a muscular build along with a big head.

  6. Great, a video about Rottweilers showing all breeds BUT the Rottweiler. STFU bitch.

  7. This form of video is why I check out Youtube.I always laugh my ass off.
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  8. 7 weeks Rottweiler puppy for adoption. (502) 208-9539
    where ever you are can you please adopt my cute rotty?.
    Text me if you need some pictures.
    Text:(502) 208-9539

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