World’s 5 Most Unusual Dog Breeds

World’s 5 Most Unusual Dog Breeds – as part of the series on pets and animals by GeoBeats. You think you dog is unique. Wait till you see 5 of the most unusu…

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11 thoughts on “World’s 5 Most Unusual Dog Breeds

  1. My favorite is the American Hairless Terrier or Hairless Rat Terrier…which is the breed I have! His name is Evan and he is my heart! 😉

  2. Thanks for watching! Awww, Evan is fortunate to have such a loving owner!:)

  3. My favourite dog breed is either a shih tzu or a Yorkshire terrier

  4. Well, ME, I can see alot of chinese crested and shar pei dogs. Did you make this by how it looks? Not being mean, the dislikes are not mine, I am trying to ask you. :]

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