13 week old boxer puppy Brave well trained!!

13 week old boxer puppy Brave well trained!!

13 week old boxer puppy Brave well trained!! Use positive methods to train your dog…
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14 thoughts on “13 week old boxer puppy Brave well trained!!

  1. I have that exact same bowl for food for ,y 14 week American bulldah

  2. Brave is so cute and smart i cant believe him hes only a baby doing that!

  3. My boxer Cargo follows me everywhere and I’m now going to train her, she likes to sit on my foot though when she is tired of training

  4. Hi, Kevin! I just bought a Boxer puppy. His name is Lukas and he’s 6 days old, I’ll pick him up in July.

  5. Beautiful dog. I also have a boxer who is now 11 that lives at my moms house. He unfortunately has MRSA and it has been a horrible struggle keeping him alive. Lots of meds and vet visits. He is more then likely getting put to sleep on June 5th =( I don’t think I could ever have a boxer again.

  6. I have a boxer named Layla she is 1 she has been potty trained since she was a baby but I can’t get her to stay and stop following me and she is very difficult but hyper and she is playful and she wont eat dry food she only eat wet and dry together lol

  7. I have 4 boxers 2 puppy’s 2 grown ups and u r right they must be trained well and they r very loyal and protective

  8. I love all my puppy’s a lot and I would hate to see a puppy get hurt in a dog fight

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