8 week old Puppy in training (The First 6 Days)

Professional Dog Trainer works his 8 week old German Shepherd “Cito Von Immerstark”. In the first six days the dog is learning come, place, kennel, sit, down…
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18 thoughts on “8 week old Puppy in training (The First 6 Days)

  1. I’m living in Wales, united kingdom :( she is quick at learning she learned in one session to fetch with just praise as a reward. But teaching Sit/ stay, and lay down/ stay so I can clean her toilet mishaps and to encourage her to sleep longer is not so easy (she started waking up 4 hours too early). Need real help and guidance xx

  2. my rot tie puppy 8 weeks bites the newspaper won’t listen :S

  3. Dont feed the Puppy from a dish. Make him work for it through out the day. Pup will learn working pays well and no work = no food.

  4. Hey I just a got a German 3.5 month old can you please advise how to go by for her training waiting

  5. I have a question, I got an 8 week old female the other day and the owner told us that she was never let out of her pen, any had any attention payed to her or introduced to anything, so she’s a little skittish. What should I do to to be able to train her like this cuz she doesn’t really want to listen.

  6. The owner is Dead Wrong!! You need to start getting this dog every where with you. Start making the dog work for its meals…NO DOG DISH! ….No work no food! Then teach the dog to pay attention to you like I do in this video. Start at home, then do your training everywhere! front yard, back yard, street corners, grocery store parking lots, parks, vet clinic waiting rooms….EVERY WHERE!! Socialize big time and desensitize the pup to all environments. Start today!!

  7. ok, thank you for the help! She’s come a long a little bit, she still runs behind the couch when she hears my older GSD bark or hear something loud from the t.v. I feel bad for her lol.

  8. i just got my german shephred puppy today and he is 8 weeks old thats the reason im here watching ur video cuz i see u trained ur puppy very well …..any thing would help if u tell me ….thanks sunny

  9. Misterphelps- no prong collar or e collar is going to make a dog instantly brilliant. You need to show a dog what to do and only an idiot would rule out using food.

  10. This video makes me think about being a dog trainer… you get paid for this much fun called “work” ? LOL! BEST job perhaps!

  11. this is excellent. i got 2 labrador puppies age 6 weeks. 1 can sit and come to me but other will not acknowledge anything a all? not sure wot to do?

  12. Sorry, but I didn’t get it! What was the purpose of tis training?

  13. Proof, Obedience can be taught at any age. I will be coming out with instructional video , step by step for all levels very soon
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