8 week old puppy-new to training-Bailey

8 week old doberman, just learning for the fun of it, training for just a few days using a clicker and yes as a marker.
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24 thoughts on “8 week old puppy-new to training-Bailey

  1. Hurrah for another clicker trainer! I just put up some short videos of my clicker litter at five weeks, learning to sit and recall. You can watch them learning to think which is a treat.
    Your girl rocks! I love the the barking…LOL

  2. some tips, its seems your adding cues too early, bailey took you saying woof twice meant to bark, not once. and she sometimes took a while to sit when you gave the command, and you repeated it without closing the first cue to sit, it is best to give a hand signal before a cue so your 100% that the dog will do the command without hesitation, once they are 100% reliable on the hand signal, give the action a cue.

  3. Very good training. How old is she now. Also please watch my Rottweiler video and comment.

  4. how long were u training her before this video was shot? what age did u start training?
    what were you using for rewards?

  5. I started training mine as soon as i got her and she picked everything up very quickly, so far i have taught her to give paw, hi 5, sit and lie down. It doesn’t take long but you have to make sure that there are no distractions. oh and just use normal puppy treats (but break them up).

    I know you weren’t asking me but i thought i might as well help if i can.

    Good Luck with training your puppy.

  6. Ha, this is so cute. Doberman are so smart, I can’t till I get my own!!!

  7. She is gorgeous. I want a red Dobe so bad. She is doing great on training already. Best wishes for your beautiful little girl.

  8. I’m buying one from a breeder they were born on august 22 this year but At how many weeks can a puppy leave the litter? Thanks

  9. Very impressive! Do I have a to be a professional trainer to achieve your results with my Doberman puppy? Any suggestions?

  10. Such a cute puppy and excellent training. I too am learning to marker train my puppies. Just switched over from the clicker to the YES myself. I have a few videos of training my puppies too, if you are inclined.

  11. From 3:02 on, it looks like she grew a bit from all the treats you gave her during training. :)

  12. do u put something on the clicker so its not so loud? and how did u introduce the clicker to bailey? cause i want to start clicker training with my puppy.. but when i click it he just looks at me and tilts his head

  13. how did u teach ur pup to bark on command? cool vid. mine is 10 weeks now and still training

  14. I’m training my pup with 3 young boys in the house. My trainer told me to train her right by the kids to make her attention span great and it is working. She can now, sit, lay, place and “break”. She is a lab/shepherd mix and sooo smart i love her so much. My trainer has a clicker but we aren’t using it for training!

  15. Hey, just thought I would share a bit of information I have stumbled across. I found a website that said it is important not to reward the bell trick with a treat as the dog is liable to start ringing the bell without the cue from you. They suggested ,rather, that you simply open the door when the bell is chimed and pair it to the “outside” command. Just something to think about.

  16. This is a great video! I’m getting my Doberman in a few days and I’m feeling very inspired by this video.

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