Amazing malinois puppy training

“Island” malinois male puppy with Amnon Ben Izhak – the founder of ATGAR dog sport program. SAR, bite work, obedience music: Adele Rolling in the deep.
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14 thoughts on “Amazing malinois puppy training

  1. AMAZING DOG!! He has a lot of potential!! You should be proud of him

  2. what a great little pup. great job and hope to see more video of this little monster.

  3. Thank you everybody for the compliments , if you have any questions about the ATGAR dog sport program or about my dog behavior philosophy, training methods and heritated behavior in dogs – you are velcome to call me +972 50 444 9497

  4. To pawzitive: The answer is NO, I train only by my own methods and I have my special point of view of dog behaviour with over 30 years experience

  5. WOW that Mal is great. My girl Mal needs to step her game up!! he he

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