AMAZING PUPPY TRAINING German Shepherd “Cito” 8 weeks old.

To develop a proper relationship and prevent bad behaviors from starting training should begin the very day you get your puppy. Watch as Duke Ferguson owner …
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5 thoughts on “AMAZING PUPPY TRAINING German Shepherd “Cito” 8 weeks old.

  1. His joy around 2:55 when bounding to the next “place” just lit up my heart. This is responsible, proactive dog ownership. I respect that you are working with the dog to avoid problems, rather than struggling to correct them once they’ve appeared later in life. Well done.

  2. Wow, this really makes me realize I am not expecting near enough from my German Shepherd.

  3. I wish my German Shepherd puppy was so smart… but she’s just a rebel dog…. still love her.

  4. Hello congratulations for the work. I’m from Brazil, I would like to buy DVD.learn the magic of electronic training colar.dogs happily work!!!!!!!

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