Australian shepherd puppy Loke (Lp1 Kalote’s Spark) doing some tricks. Clicker training

This is almost everything Loke knows so far. =) Still using treats pretty often to keep him interested, but we’re rising criteria. His “sit pretty” is still …
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20 thoughts on “Australian shepherd puppy Loke (Lp1 Kalote’s Spark) doing some tricks. Clicker training

  1. That is FALSE! I breed Australian Shepherds. PURE BRED! And they all are born with tails. I have them docked before they are three days old. They look better without tails.

  2. Australisn Shepherds are an AMERICAN breed. (The original American cowboy dog. Who cares what the idiots in sweden do!

  3. Is there anyone here that has said anything about them not being an American breed? And on what grounds can you call an entire country of people for idiots? I really don’t see any reason for you being hostile and rude here, it’s very immature.

  4. Yup. Aussie-tails are docked in several countries. It’s banned by law to dock the tail of any dog here in Sweden, so here aussies will keep their beautiful tails. But aussies can be born with a natural bobtail also, you can read about it on the Australian Shepherd Club of America. “An identifying characteristic is his natural or docked bob tail”

  5. He’s supposed to have a short tail ! That’s like the Aussie tradition… My Aussie tail was docked

  6. Tradition in USA, yes. Not in Sweden, docking is banned by law here, so aussies will keep their beautiful tails if they are born with one.

  7. Hello, Loke is so cute. I have an aussie who is 5 months old. I have him in obidence training right now but he seems to have an issue with paying attention to me. He’s very smart but only wants to do a trick if i have a treat for him, same when it comes to sitting. He knows sign commands for sit and lay down, high five, paw. however I have to use a treat,somethin he wants. I didn’t know what you suggest. I have a clicker but never really grasped usin it.

  8. If he only wants to perform when you have a visible treat, I am guessing that you have been luring him with treats when training? For example – holding a treat above his head to make him sit. Luring can be good, but the important thing when using it is that the lure must be faded quickly, maybe used only about 3 times when training something new, then you do the same thing (hold your hand above the dogs head) but without a treat, click when he sits and then give him a reward from your other hand

  9. Does he understand that a click= reward? That’s the first thing to teach the dog. Click, give a treat, click, give a treat several times and then try to click when he is doing something other than looking your way. If he turns around expactantly, he has understood that a click= a reward is coming. ALWAYS, even if you click the wrong behaviour. After that I always start with clicking eye contact with a new dog, that’s the foundation of paying attention.

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