CAVALIER TRAINING SESSION; teach your puppy to sit!

This is a demonstration of proper training techniques to use with your new puppy. In this session, I will show you how to teach the basic command, “sit”. Thi…
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7 thoughts on “CAVALIER TRAINING SESSION; teach your puppy to sit!

  1. I know this is a stupid question, but I’ve always been scared of dogs and how they act, however I love these dogs because they’re so loving and affectionate. My fried has 3, I see them every week. She got the 3rd one around october last year at i think 4 months old, so he’s about a year old by now and he’s lovely. But, I don’t get how when you feed them using your hands, they don’t accidently bite your fingers a little bit? I’ve always been terrified by that, and it’s pathetic!

  2. just a tip, don’t say the command and that often. Wait until she has sat before you say sit, it actually goes faster then, depending on the dog. my cav learned sit in 2 min and lay down in about 5 min

  3. I want a cavi sooo bad! My old neighbors had bunch of them when I was like four and actually offered to let my parents have one free of charge but my parents said no :(
    I saw the cutest one about a year ago, it came running up the hill towards me and my sister – the woman was like, “I’m soo sorry, she just LOVES people!” haha, but I didn’t mind.
    Im hoping to get one next year as I work from home and live by myself 😛

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