Chihuahua Puppy Training for stairs.

6 weeks old pup . 1st training of stairs.
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In this video Chad Hines with Willow Creek Kennels shows you how to build on Step 1 (target training using positive reinforcement) by introducing mild negati…
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13 thoughts on “Chihuahua Puppy Training for stairs.

  1. You guys have fantastic videos and it’s awesome that you use GSP’s. I’m picking up my 8 week old male GSP this weekend. He will be a Willow Creek trained pup!

  2. so my question is if you can get the same behaviour fast and accurate with just the clicker why even use the vibration? thxs

  3. The vibration adds the negative reinforcement to the behavior. We use both mild negative reinforcement and positive reinforcement to develop consistent dogs. -Chad

  4. Vibration makes the behavior much more consistent. The more ways you train a dog the more consistent they are. We find the collar very effective in our training.

  5. Honker is only a short distance away when we start teaching the cue. We start by only vibrating for a short second, and gradually increase from there. Honker learns that to shut of the vibration he needs to come in and touch the target.

  6. DT Systems. This is the Micro IDT. Compact collar and receiver is nice for the small dogs and puppies and big dogs as well.

  7. Thanks for a top notch tutorials on dog training! Nothing comes close to good advertisement, like showing your ideas and methods! Thanks for taking your time making these videos and keep up the good work! I would have sent my dog to you if I could. Cheers from Sweden! =D

  8. The next step after “vibration”?
    The truth – they fry the dog.
    This is called the “Click and Kick” method.

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