Clicker Training A Labrador Puppy

Training our newly acquired puppy called Bess using the clicker system. Then letting her play with our old American Cocker Spaniel called Nooska. Filmed in M…

In order to stop a puppy from biting, it helps to bait them into mouthing before giving them a little tap on their chin, which they do not like. Discover how…
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24 thoughts on “Clicker Training A Labrador Puppy

  1. Just because the dog doesn’t cry doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt him, can you speak dog? If this training technique does work IT’S BECAUSE IT DOES HURT- some thought before commenting next time

  2. What a stupid thing to say. I do not abuse my dog. It’s like spanking a child when it has misbehaved. You dont “beat the hell out of it”.

  3. Are you stupid? Dont you see what i said? I said it is not abuse but it is wrong! And you dont discipline a kid by spanking?!!? What the fuck dude???

  4. You’re retarded. EVERYONE has spanked their child at one point or another. And if you say you haven’t, you’re lying. Anyways, if this trainer guy is so bad, then don’t watch his videos and stop bitching.

  5. First of all I dont have a child.Second just because you are stupid,it doesnt mean everyone is.You dont “spank” anyone…I have dogs,I never spank them and I always found a different way to redirect their bad behaviors! You are a horrible person! I watch A LOT of training videos on the internet because I like different oppinions! That doesnt mean I agree with all of them! Hitting the jaw of a dog is wrong.It causes pain and thats why it MIGHT stop a puppy from bitting!

  6. Words have to mean something to the dog.If you just say “NO” or “STOP” and your dog has no idea what those words mean ofcourse he is going to ignore you and keep biting you! You need to teach him what “NO” means !

  7. You start playing with your dog and he starts biting you! When you feel his teeth on your skin,then the game is over.You stand up and turn around for a few seconds paying NO ATTENTION to the dog,then you play again.When he bites you also use a word(whatevr that would be “NO” “STOP”).Now the dog understands that NO means end of game.You also shouldnt play with your dog without a toy cause what will the dog bite?Dogs need to bite stuff,thats how they play!So redirect his biting onto the toy!Easy:)

  8. BUT all these i mentioned need CONSISTENCY!You need to do that EVERY TIME.Cause it needs time and patience!

  9. Have you tried it? Because I have with MANY dogs…It works 100% … Maybe you are doing it wrong! 😉

  10. Ok thanks for the training video.. now go back in 60s .. In 2013 we’ve got some education method that is called KNOWLEDGE.
    I’m not going to punch my dog when i can COMMUNICATE with him..

  11. Your method is a form of hiring them. There better and none barbaric ways of training !!! I feel bad for those dogs who owners listen to you!

  12. Animals are smarter than you think. Animals remember when you hit them. Especially dogs, parrots and primates. Tapping the dogs jaw doesn’t seem effective and irritates then more. They will bite if you touch and meddle with their face out of instinct.

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